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SOMIC Transformation and Devices-Unlimited. A growing partnership

Somic Transformation Invests in Devices-Unlimited Corp., Developers of "data-pump"

~Supporting the creation of new value through IoT solutions thoroughly tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises~

Somic Transformation Inc.

3rd August 2022, 10:00 am


Somic Transformation Co., Ltd. (Office: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Representative Directors: Shogo Ishikawa and Masayuki Okura) is pleased to announce that it has invested in Devices-Unlimited Corp., a Silicon Valley startup company that develops IoT solution devices focused on small and medium-sized enterprises.

About Devices-Unlimited Corp.

Devices-Unlimited Corp. is a startup headquartered in California, United States.

In order to solve the problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) when aiming to introduce IoT and realize DX, we have developed a wireless IoT system "data-pump" that introduces the latest high-security communication technology "BLE MESH". As a result, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can solve management issues at production sites without requiring special skills, engineers, or large investments while making use of existing facilities. Business expansion is expected in the Japan market, which is the most important market.

■Background and purpose of the investment The

Company was established in November 2021 to take charge of new business development in the Somic Group, whose main business is the manufacture of automotive parts. In order to take on the challenge of businesses that solve social issues through business, we aim to foster new businesses and realize business synergies by not only developing new businesses in-house but also deepening partnerships with promising start-up companies through CVC investment.

Devices-Unlimited Corp.'s aspiration to eliminate the pain and opportunity loss caused by the hindrance of the digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the technology that makes it possible are based on the Somic Group's philosophy of "valuing human connections and making full efforts to be useful and loved by the world." We decided to invest in Hamamatsu because we judged that it had a great affinity with our vision of "continuing to grow our business and contribute to society as a world-class 'humane company' from Hamamatsu." Through this investment and strengthening of relationships, we aim to solve management issues faced by production sites, such as predicting equipment failures, improving productivity, and passing on production know-how, and to solve management issues related to carbon neutrality, such as not knowing how much investment is necessary while it is difficult to see the return on investment, while "racing against a fixed end" and "I can't" means exiting. By establishing a solution that can be solved in a way that small and medium-sized enterprises can actually tackle, we will take on the challenge of contributing to the creation of a prosperous society.

<Company Profile>

Devices-Unlimited Corp.

Devices-Unlimited Corp. is a California-based startup that develops products for the mid-market market that comply with the latest standard called Bluetooth MESH*. Our business purpose is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to realize business transformation through IoT more easily at a more affordable price. We place the utmost importance on the Japan market, and we plan to establish a Japan corporation in August this year to begin full-scale sales and service.

Representative: Ashok Murthy

Address: 85 Luneta Lane, Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694 USA

Established: February

Somic Transformation

Inc. Somic Transformation is a subsidiary of Somic Management Holdings Co., Ltd., and was established in November 2021 to take on the challenge of solving social issues through business, with businesses targeting social transformation and sustainable transformation as its business domain. In April of this year, we began providing a rental service for the SUPPOT work support robot, which incorporates the know-how we have cultivated in the automotive parts industry. Somic Management Holdings

Co., Ltd. Somic Management Holdings (SMHD) is a business umbrella company established in July 2018. In order to manage operating companies within the Somic Group, such as Somic Ishikawa, an automotive parts company that is celebrating its 106th anniversary, and to take on the challenge of new possibilities in business domains and products, we will conduct our business with an eye on the optimization of the entire Group and aim to be a sustainable group.

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