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datapump System Prices are unbeatable

DU PowerMeter Design_edited.png

All Equipment is Free


Low Setup Charges include:


Low Monthly Charges include:

  • All sensors

  • All Communications equipment,

  • All Gateways

  • All control computers

  • Provisioning   (setup cryptographic keys in all components and data flows)

  • Activation   (Setup client accounts, account credentials, data storage, analytics)

  • Commissioning   (Turn on the full system)

  • Delivery   (final delivery to client with demonstration of functionality)

  • Warranty for life   (return to depot service, replacement parts, setup, labor)

  • SW upgrades  (Firmware in all components, EdgeVisor software, database, analytics)

  • Data transport  (All charges related to transport of data included. Client must provide 4G connections)

  • Data Storage  (All charges related to long term storage of data. Archival policies apply)

  • Analytics  (Monthly detailed data analysis including AI & BI reporting)

  • Charting  (Real time charting of data including smart selectors)

  • Customer Care  (Phone, email support, issue ticketing, management to resolution)

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